About Us

Chasing Winter Design Goods 

Why Chasing Winter? 

Chasing verb / “to follow in pursuit: chase after someone”

Winter explained / “Having a surname “Winter” doesn’t serve one well as a child – trust me.  But as an adult it turns from an ugly class joke to a good-vibes feeling”  

And Chasing Winter was born.

Meet the Team

We’re a couple of kiwis (New Zealand if you don’t know what a kiwi is), living in Australia selling good looking products in the USA… makes sense right? 

Most would think that’s crazy… but we did it anyway!

about us natalie winter

Natalie (Nat) Winter /
Founder, Product Designer, Spreadsheet Nerd

Trained in fashion design.

Loves fabrics/textures, interiors, architecture, animals and all things nature (maybe not spiders and snakes...!).

Nat’s job outside of designing her own products, is to chase world trends, source and spend other people’s money so they can enjoy beautiful things for their home. So, we kind of saying she is a trend chaser. You could say it’s a dream job – it actually is! 

Caffeine is happiness and a glass of good wine at the end of the day is welcomed.

about us gerry heffernan

Gerry Heffernan /
Logistics, Office Joker

Gerry is that guy who needs to understand how everything in the world works and what everyone is doing right now.  He is happy if you are happy… unless he missed the gym today. 

An undiscovered mathematician, he can pull numbers from places you didn’t know existed. Yet life if never serious and a joke is always around the corner.

about us snoopy

Snoopy (Snoop-Dog) / Model, lunch stealer

Thinks he works in border security, almost too old to model, often inappropriate office behaviour


We’ve heard the sob story about the runt of the litter being left behind and Snoopy was that guy! A story of survival we will share in a blog post to come. 

Meanwhile, Snoop-dog believes his purpose in life is to control the contraband of items like socks, peppermints and pizza that people seem to bring into his house.  

His daily walk to coffee includes coffee biscuits, treats from the café staff, treats from patrons and cuddles from kids.

Life is good if you are Snoop-dog.