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linen dream pet bed

We often get asked so many questions about our dog models. So we thought we would share with you a little about "Storm" or "Stormy" as her mum calls her.

Storm has no issue posing for luxury dog bed shoots. She rules the house and what she says goes!  She has the attitude and spunk of a designer dog so when she was asked to pose on our medium dog beds she jumped at the chance. 

Storm comes from the "Shiba Inu" tribe. A Japanese breed of hunting dog is known for their spirited personality, small upright ears, and cat-like agility.  OMG don't tell her to google said she has cat-like agility....!

designer dog beds shiba inu

Storm (left) lives with her older brother Loufy (right).  We reckon they have voted the Large/Xlarge Linen Dream Dog Bed as the best bed for sharing with your roommate although we are not sure what Loufy thinks of the Peony Pink but Storm is the boss so Pink it is! hahaha

What Storm and Loufys mum and dad love the most about our L/XLarge bed is they can move it around the house (because Storm and Loufy follow them EVERYWHERE.... we all know it's normal right?).  So when their mum and dad are away from the house, Storm and Loufy can chill outside undercover on their super comfortable bed for two. 

Note: Our Linen Dream Dog Bed is recommended for indoors but can be used as an outdoor dog bed undercover. And it washes up super well!

We would love to know what your dog thinks about their recent purchase of our Linen Dream Dog bed!  So send us a pic here!!

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