Go Barking Crazy Over Our Memory Foam Technology Dog Bed

We have you and your fur babies needs covered.

Our Linen Dream Orthopedic Dog Bed is super duper stylish inside and out.  Designed for lovers of home decor the outer cover really does look like natural textured linen.  While the inside cushion is where the magic happens (according to our sleep experts!). 

The team at Chasing Winter Design Goods thought why to have a solid memory foam inner which is usually quite firm and over-supportive. But then, why go with shredded memory foam which is usually too soft and not supportive enough on the spine.

What is the answer to the best designed bed in the market?

We came up with the genius idea to combined both memory foam technologies together to create the No. 1 most comfortable bed in the market.


By combining shredded memory foam with two layers of memory foam padding our Linen Dream Orthopedic Dog Bed provides support and softness at the same time! Unreal! 

Did you know? Memory foam bounces back into shape, so you'll notice it will shape itself around the natural shape of your dog allowing him or her to relax whether they are sleeping, resting or sitting on their Linen Dream bed. Once they vacate it, you'll notice the indentations will start to bounce back like magic!

Dogs sleep a lot!

Memory foam dog beds can also be used for daytime napping as well as night time sleeping. They are perfect for post-surgery recovery, older dogs, large dogs, and let's face it. what dog doesn't love a comfortable spot to sleep?

Our beds are designed so you can move them around the house giving your dog a space that they own and feel comfortable in.

Unboxing your Linen Dream Bed

Our branded boxes are just about as good looking as our beds! Once you remove the memory foam inner from the vacuum pack, it will take about 30-45mins for it to fully expand. Until then it will look like it doesn't fill the Linen Dream cover be patient! It will happen promise!

 Our Linen Dream Orthopedic Dog Beds are available in these sizes:


Our Small beds are perfect for the little ones. Small dogs up to 30lbs like Frenchies, Toy Poodles, and Jack Russells to name a few. 

Small Bed dimension

CM 60x40x10 or INCHES 24x16x4

ColorS available 

Peony Pink (pictured below), Polar Blue, Sage, Fog Grey



Our Medium  beds are perfect for one mid-size doggy or two little ones. Medium dogs up to 55lbs like Beagles, Corgies, and Spaniels to name a few. 

Medium Bed dimension

CM 80x60x12 or INCHES 31x24x5

Colors available 

Peony Pink , Polar Blue, Sage, Fog Grey (pictured below)



Our Large / X-Large beds are perfect for our gi-normous friends or for two medium dogs. Suggested up to 100lbs like Izzy here who is a little mix of a few big girls, great danes, labradors and husky's to name a few. 

Large/XLarge Bed dimension

CM 100x70x12 or INCHES 39x27x5

Colors available 

Peony Pink (pictured below), Polar Blue, Sage, (pictured below) Fog Grey

Purchase exclusively from us at Chasing Winter Design Goods or from our Amazon Store Chasing Winter Interiors.

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